Please follow the COVID 19 rules when in the pub. All our rules are on display throughout the pub and each room has a print out of the rules to follow. 

All guest and customers must come through the front door and must wear a facemask. Please sanitise hands on entry and must sign in for track and trace in with the NHS digital track and trace system with the code stickers located around the pub, follow our one way system and must sit down at a table and remain seated whilst inside the pub and it will be table service only, you must also wear a mask when standing up, to visit the toilet, to go outside to the smoking area and when leaving the pub. Please observe social distancing at all times. 

Those that do not observe and follow our COVID 19 rules will not be served in the establishment .

We have carried out a risk assessment and all our staff have been trained and provided with their own copies.

Thank you